I’ve to admit I’m very sorry for the lack of any update to this blog for more than two months. The month of may was very sad for me and, after that period, I’ve been very busy. And the reason of my occupation after the month of may was the fact that I was preparing to move in Budapest !And, yes, finally I’m right there, I now live in this dream capital city, the very capital city of the secession. As a consequence, you have to expect an improvement in the quality of the photos and of the reportages as well.


The very first post of my Budapest period is dedicated to the street that, after Rakoczi utca, becomes Thököly utca just after the Keleti palyaudvar (rail station). Picture I took and I now publish her, are taken from this very interesting street and its neighbors. It is my first “Secessionist’s Promenade”and I hope you enjoy the gallery and this new section. Expect more !


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