This unnecessary blog, was totally inspired by the demonic and faustian spirit of the beauté which surrounded, as an eternal fog, the Hungarian Secession and his Masters


The insane founder of this pro-alchoolic-consumption site was the spirit of Carmelo Bene himself, under the alive and terrestrial (even if faustian as well) semblances of Mattia Moretti, a former IT manager and post philosopher who was perverted by the beauty of the feminine of Secession style, and who adored Athena as a true philosopher. This is a work of genius without talent. You can downleech the untalented history of the founder in a formal CV form directly here :


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We wish to invite You down to the mystical marriages to the demonic forces behind the architectural facades of Budapest, inside the marmoreal eyes of the stone faces widespread through all the Sacred City of Secession.
I suggest you fine trance-psycho-techno music, a couple of tasteful Unicum, and let St Hubertus help the rest of us …