The 10th district of Budapest, also known under the name of Kőbánya, at the turn of the century was inhabited mainly by farmers. In fact there were some important factories and distilleries, amongst them, the family owned Dreher beer’s factory.


Eventually, even the buildings in which the Dreher beer were produced, was an art nouveau styled one …

100_2972.jpg 100_2974.jpg

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As far as art is concerned, however, Kőbánya is known mainly for two reasons. First, the district hosts the Jewish cemetery, in which one can find several very interesting commemorative buildings, graves, and mosaics. Some of this works are due to the work of very respectable artist such as Bela Lajta, for example.

100_2941.jpg 100_2937.jpg 100_2969.jpg 100_2946.jpg 100_2950.jpg 100_2938.jpg 100_2962.jpg

100_2933.jpg 100_2967.jpg 100_2918.jpg 100_2953.jpg 100_2951.jpg 100_2960.jpg 100_2952.jpg

100_2964.jpg 100_2957.jpg 100_2971.jpg 100_2961.jpg 100_2925.jpg 100_2963.jpg 100_2929.jpg

100_2931.jpg 100_2939.jpg 100_2949.jpg 100_2947.jpg 100_2921.jpg 100_2919.jpg 100_2928.jpg

100_2945.jpg 100_2936.jpg 100_2932.jpg 100_2954.jpg 100_2920.jpg 100_2943.jpg 100_2959.jpg

100_2940.jpg 100_2926.jpg 100_2965.jpg 100_2955.jpg 100_2924.jpg 100_2948.jpg 100_2942.jpg

100_2927.jpg 100_2944.jpg 100_2968.jpg 100_2935.jpg 100_2934.jpg 100_2966.jpg 100_2970.jpg

100_2923.jpg 100_2958.jpg

The second reason is the presence of one of the Odon Lechner absolute masterpiece, the Saint Laszlo cathedral. Eventually, the church was built in 1891 and for his architecture Lechner was inspired by the gothic style. Again, the decorations were, on the contrary, inspired by those of the byzantine art, even if the one in Saint Laszlo were built with the hungarian secession’s traditional eosin Zsolnay ceramics.

100_2980.jpg 100_2979.jpg 100_2977.jpg 100_2981.jpg 100_2978.jpg

Schöntheil Richard, a fairly known architect of the turn of the century, built the maiority f the secession’s buildings there, among them, the villas in the zone of Allomas utca, and the great synagogue in Cserkesz utca. Just the birth year (1874, in Csoka) and that he worked also in Tord were the only facts known of this man:but his works were really outstanding. Another open file in the sometimes mysterious history of the magyar Szecessziò.

100_3006.jpg 100_2995.jpg 100_2993.jpg 100_3001.jpg 100_2999.jpg 100_2988.jpg 100_2991.jpg

100_2990.jpg 100_2989.jpg 100_2983.jpg 100_2987.jpg 100_2985.jpg 100_3008.jpg 100_3007.jpg

100_2982.jpg 100_3004.jpg 100_2997.jpg 100_2994.jpg 100_2992.jpg 100_2986.jpg 100_3003.jpg

100_2998.jpg 100_3005.jpg 100_2975.jpg 100_2996.jpg 100_2984.jpg 100_3000.jpg

The Xth district


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