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Yesterday night one of the last storm, windy, lightning, thunders … Summer is ending, and the colors, in Budapest, become red as the leaves in Autumn …



Last sunday was a very bright and sunny day. The ideal weather condition to take a bike tour, if you don’t suffer the warm climate.  I went till Szentendre, the town on the Danube which is famous to be a sort of artists citadel.


The path till Szentendre is close to the river and is a mix between concrete and grass in-wood . Absolutely easy if you are a little bit in training:

100_4209.JPG 100_4285.JPG 100_4250.JPG 100_4213.JPG

100_4212.JPG 100_4249.JPG 100_4286.JPG 100_4214.JPG


The town (maybe littel city, since inhabitants are about 22.000) has a small city center with several small and strict streets and small houses, much more close to the transylvanian ones, wich were so beloved by Karoly Kos. Here, no massive buildings are present, at least in the very city center. The peripheral is just like evry middle sized cities:

100_4217.JPG 100_4264.JPG 100_4257.JPG 100_4219.JPG

100_4251.JPG 100_4237.JPG 100_4226.JPG 100_4225.JPG

100_4262.JPG 100_4283.JPG 100_4243.JPG 100_4280.JPG

100_4240.JPG 100_4284.JPG 100_4220.JPG 100_4218.JPG

100_4244.JPG 100_4215.JPG 100_4216.JPG 100_4227.JPG

100_4241.JPG 100_4281.JPG 100_4238.JPG 100_4282.JPG

100_4242.JPG 100_4228.JPG 100_4229.JPG 100_4258.JPG



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