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Maybe it isn’t a well known fact that really Budapest was born after three cities melt together:Buda, Pest and, eventually, Óbuda. In Hungarian language Óbuda means Old Buda, Ancient Buda, and, in fact, it is the more ancient part of the city.


Founded by the romans, nowadays Óbuda seems much more like the most recent of the Budapest district, at least as far of the architecture is concerned. However there still are some beautiful niche that resembles more a small town in countryside instead of the most ancient part of this big capital city.

This is, for example, the beautiful small Fo ter, the Main Square:

 100_3448.jpg 100_3449.jpg 100_3444.jpg 100_3450.jpg 100_3455.jpg

100_3443.jpg 100_3446.jpg 100_3447.jpg 100_3445.jpg

But just few, really few meter after, in north direction, you will find an amount of modern (not modernist at all)architecture that recall in my mind those of some zone of Naples, such as Scampia …

100_3451.jpg 100_3452.jpg 


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Well, yesterday night I went to an infamous Casino Bangok, goa-trance-progrsssive party. For this morning was planned a visit to the local Terepesi Cemetery, one of the most interesting place to find secessionist sculptures. Well, really, after the night I wake up just at 13:00. As a consequence I did just a shortened trip in that place.


However Iwas able to take really a good amount of photos. The Cemetery is really an open air Art Nouveau museum and worth a more detailed visit.

Enjoy the gallery !


Well, you don’t have to think at the first District as the one most fullfilled by secession buildings and statues, and whatever else. Guys, we aren’t in the VIIth !


However you can find a bunch of very interesting secessionist’s architecture, including the impressive Buda’s Vigadò, in my opinion, more interesting that the one on Pest side. As a Pest-fan, you have to believe, at least 😉

100_2888.JPG 100_2895.JPG 100_2889.JPG 100_2868.JPG 100_2894.JPG

100_2855.JPG 100_2893.JPG 100_2891.JPG 

As per the new standard here at, all photo are now geotagged, so you can see where i took them and, in case, you can to take it yourself. In that case, be prepared to climb


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Here you can find an almost complete list of antiquarian bookstore here, in Budapest.

The very part of this list is due to the effort of the site

However, I’ve geotagged those informations and now you can see the entire list displayed on a google map ! Just take care to point and click on the blue flag in order to obtain more information about one specific bookshop. Quite easy, isn’t it ?

As a consequence, the former link to antiquarian libraries on the right navbar promptly disappeared. In the near future I will take care to maintain the map and give directions in english. Stay, as ever, tuned !

CLICK to see the map !!

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Is there a very interesting exhibition, till the end of the month at the Gödör club, in Déak Ferenc tér, July 2-28 2008. The photographer Vaci Pal took hundreds of pictures of Budapest (mainly art nouveau) doorways.

More detailed informations and gallery at the following web site:
Budapest Porta web site


The 10th district of Budapest, also known under the name of Kőbánya, at the turn of the century was inhabited mainly by farmers. In fact there were some important factories and distilleries, amongst them, the family owned Dreher beer’s factory.


Eventually, even the buildings in which the Dreher beer were produced, was an art nouveau styled one …

100_2972.jpg 100_2974.jpg

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Around 8 pm last friday, just after having a swim training at Palatinus Strand. The very recently recontruction of the Torok bank palace with its mosaic and the Alpar Ignac yellow building in Deak tér, just mixed with the pale colors of the dusk, meanwhile my favourite trance music massage my ears and my brain … Budapest is an experience, every word is definitively over …



Well, not exactly an event, strictly speaking. Just half an hour ago I kept in touch with more than just a piece of art. I met the spirit of the art itself. And that spirit was in those eyes, at the same time, vivid of their passion, melancholic because as eros was born by Poenia, Passion can’t be without an interior sufferance. The double roots of the greek word pathos. Who own the Truth is a theologists, who search for it a philosopher, who dare to shape it is the artist. Only who dares hope for the impossible, can find the unknown.

Just half on hour ago I saw passionated eyes which burned with the same strength and for the same fire that animated my own passion. Don’t know Ii will see again the eyes of this girl who totally fascinated me. But Iwill retain what she gave me, a very strange drink. Maybe he brought it from the fountain of Art …

KorosfoiKriesch-Forrasa.jpg Stuck-circe.jpg



I’ve to admit I’m very sorry for the lack of any update to this blog for more than two months. The month of may was very sad for me and, after that period, I’ve been very busy. And the reason of my occupation after the month of may was the fact that I was preparing to move in Budapest !And, yes, finally I’m right there, I now live in this dream capital city, the very capital city of the secession. As a consequence, you have to expect an improvement in the quality of the photos and of the reportages as well.


The very first post of my Budapest period is dedicated to the street that, after Rakoczi utca, becomes Thököly utca just after the Keleti palyaudvar (rail station). Picture I took and I now publish her, are taken from this very interesting street and its neighbors. It is my first “Secessionist’s Promenade”and I hope you enjoy the gallery and this new section. Expect more !