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Rich in colourful traditions, Terézváros is the heart of Budapest. In the last 225 years, our district has written its name in the history of the country and the capital.


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Really, who knows the history of art I think cannot notice the close relationship between the János Vaszary painting entitled “Nude girl with red hair” (1899) and the Ernst Kirchner famous “Marcella” (1909).


It seems that the girl represented was the same, just viewed by different perspectives. And, in this case, the model who posed for Kirchner shouldn’t be the same in front of Vaszary, even because she would be at least ten years older …

Vaszary-Woman_Red_Hair.jpg Image268.jpg


The Török Bank in Szervita Tér, in the Fifth district Belváros, is one of the most attractive building in the small plaza. Build after the project by Henrik Böhm and Hegedüs Ármin, the building is characterized by a 40 meter mosaic by Miksa Róth, in which is represented Patrona Hungariae in her throne, surrounded by the the most relevant characters in the history of Hungary such as Bocksai, Kossuth, Zrínyi, Rákókzi, Széchenyi, Vasvári, Eötvös.


The mosaic, placed in the very top of the building, is even decorated by two Medusa like female figures sculptured by Simon Ney.
During the second world war the buildings was damaged by bombings and, finally, since the second half of 2007 the entire building, including the frieze, is under Reconstruction. In this post you can find pictures of the building before the reconstruction interventions, and of some details of the mosaic just recovered, as documented by “Budapest Folyoìrat” of November 2007. We are waiting for the conclusion of recovery interventions in order to admire, once again, this masterpiece of the Budapest inner city.

100_2053.jpg roth3.jpg roth1.jpg roth2.jpg