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After long time, we are finally back ! We still to solve some issue on the new server, but so far this new one seems quite stable. art is now running on a Odroid based server, a low powered pocket size ARM based computer. Thanks for your patience, we hope you will enjoy our site 🙂


Exhibition presentation

Europeana is organising a public event, to mark the upcoming launch of Europeana’s virtual exhibition of Art Nouveau.

In Brussels, at the heart of European Art Nouveau, there will be a special lecture by Art Nouveau expert Prof. Dr. Werner Adriaenssens, Curator of Decorative Arts of the 20th Century, Royal Museums for Art and History.

The talk will be followed by an open discussion, ‘Why digitise culture?’ featuring 3 key figures in Belgian digital innovation:

Jef Malliet –, Provinciaal Centrum voor Cultureel Erfgoed, Hasselt
Sandra Fauconnier – Collection and Mediatheque at Netherlands Media Art Institute
Gert Nulens – IBBT/SMIT

The event will be held at the Belgian Comic Strip Centre, a masterpiece of Victor Horta’s Art Nouveau architecture. It is free for the public to attend, but places should be reserved in advance.

TIME: 15.00

DATE: 30 September 2010

ADDRESS: Belgian Comic Strip Centre, 20 rue des Sables (Zandstraat), B-1000 Brussels, Belgium

Web Access

Virtual Exhibition is accessible clicking the image below:

Art Nouveau Virtual Exhibition


Dear readers. I would thank you very much for these three years in which this Hungarian Art Nouveau oriented blog has continuously grown and developed. I really hope you ‘ve enjoyed reading and viewing the many photos I published here. Was really a great effort to try to maintain healthy and alive the blog. Believe me 🙂

And now, since I believe in the Heraclitean dynamic of the eternal changing, I am ready for a new challenge. An extended blog which will not be only Hungarian oriented but really open to all the declinations of the Secession, Art Nouveau, Jugendstil, Liberty, Modernismo, Secese. Obviously, the name is, melting together the Belgian/French term to call the turn-of-the-century artistic movement, with an Austrian domain 🙂

The welcome onboard party wouldn’t include any snack nor vodka (unfortunately for this latter) rather a good lecture: the First Catalogue of the Wiener Secession Ausstellung (Exhibition). Prosit !



During the third November weekend there was in Budapest the most important art fair of the Hungarian capital city, Art Fair Budapest.

All the main Hungarian galleries of the capital were present, of course and also foreigner galleries exhibited and, asfar as the Hungarian Szecesszio is concerned, several noticeable pieces were present.

The most impressive piece of art nouveau was, probably, a complete dinner room designed by Toroczkai Wigand Ede. The style of this furniture is typical of the Hungarian ancient folk art and it is the result of the researches performed by various artists (Wigand himself, but also Karoly Kos, Bela Lajta and Kozma Lajos) questing for a national way to Art Nouveau. Toroczkai Wigand worked as architect in to Marosvásárhely, the Romanian equivalent of which nowadays is Târgu Mureş, where designed several buildings. He worked as applied art designer and its works are influenced by the typical patterns, styles and ornaments of the Hungarian national folk art.

DSCF9611 DSCF9612 DSCF9613

DSCF9614 DSCF9615 DSCF9616


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Is there a very interesting exhibition, till the end of the month at the Gödör club, in Déak Ferenc tér, July 2-28 2008. The photographer Vaci Pal took hundreds of pictures of Budapest (mainly art nouveau) doorways.

More detailed informations and gallery at the following web site:
Budapest Porta web site


Well, not exactly an event, strictly speaking. Just half an hour ago I kept in touch with more than just a piece of art. I met the spirit of the art itself. And that spirit was in those eyes, at the same time, vivid of their passion, melancholic because as eros was born by Poenia, Passion can’t be without an interior sufferance. The double roots of the greek word pathos. Who own the Truth is a theologists, who search for it a philosopher, who dare to shape it is the artist. Only who dares hope for the impossible, can find the unknown.

Just half on hour ago I saw passionated eyes which burned with the same strength and for the same fire that animated my own passion. Don’t know Ii will see again the eyes of this girl who totally fascinated me. But Iwill retain what she gave me, a very strange drink. Maybe he brought it from the fountain of Art …

KorosfoiKriesch-Forrasa.jpg Stuck-circe.jpg


A tribute to Budapest just few days before Christmas !


Full gallery follows !

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Hi all ! Sorry for the lack of (recent) articles here, but I’m very busy till now 🙁 I will promosie that during the Xmas period I will add new articles and the new photos from my last trip in Budapest !

For instance, I have just opened a sister blog to, called hacknouveau which is related to my researches in the field of computer security, in particular as far as awk&sed scripting is concerned … For all the lamah out there, enjoy 🙂


As blood, a vandalic action could even become an artistic one ?
Some days ago in Rome, someone trashed directly into the water of Fontana di Trevi a can of biodegradable (hopefully) red paint. He claimed as an action due by the so-called aesthetic group “Azione Futurista”, maybe close to (far) right culture. Not sure about the intentions and/or this claim, but of course, the aesthetic effect was superb !