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Carlos Schwabe is one of the earliest Symbolist artists who operated in Germany: he exhibits in particular at the Munich Secession in 1893. Swiss, of Germanic origin, essentially self-taught he is linked to the Symbolist circles in Paris. he represents the idealism of a special vision of symbolism, which he seeks as a sort of "regeneration".

His world is tinted a dark eroticism. This singular shell creatures, living in a strange world where the line – the line as the movement – is important. Tending towards the ideal or debauchery, his version of symbolist woman is extremely polarized. In 1892, he was asked by the Sar Péladan, great Master and main leader of the organization rosicrusienne mystic, to design the poster for the first Salon de la Rose Croix.

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The event is held in the famous Durand-Ruelgallery in Paris and exhibited several works of Schwabe, thus contributing to its success.

carlos schwabe Les femmes damnees damned women

More Symbolist femmes fatale, this time courtesy of Carlos Schwabe (1866–1926) and his illustrations for Baudelaire’s Fleurs du Mal from 1900. Schwabe is more usually represented by his mystically-inspired paintings and drawings, especially those he produced for the Salon de la Rose+Croix; on the strength of some of his Baudelairean pieces I’d say he’s a worthy companion to Félicien Rops.

Fleurs-du-mal_benediction Fleurs-du-mal_hymne 7

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