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Well, my dear readers of You may have noticed tht the blog was silent for about one month. This silence was not due by lack of interest of the blogger himself, but by the fact that I had to spend three weeks in another, beautiful, outstanding city. I just come back from San Francisco !
Of course, my main concern out there was my job. However I was able to take a lot of pictures and actually I’m reading the tons of art literature I was able to pass through the Atlantic.
This post is the very first of a series dedicated to San Francisco and the Bay Area, including Oakland, San Jose, El Dorado and … Amsterdam ! With an insight on the art and crafts, art nouveau and art deco styles in this part of the States. I will continue to publish Budapest related news and pictures as well, since October is a very interesting month as far as the history of art is concerned.
This first post is an introduction, with several pictures taken in the nearby of SF, including San Mateo and the Pacifica hills. No Art Nouveau at this point but I hope you will enjoy as well.
Salut !